Key Stage 5

We are well aware of the exam pressure on subjects at this level and have developed a lesson plan for a stand alone session looking at modern martyrdom that could be delivered as part of a RE, English, or General Studies curriculum.

Impact of Religion on the Lives of Individuals and on Communities

The lesson plan will lead students to better understand how religious faith can impact on the lives of individuals today and how people have stood up for their faith in the past.  They will explore the impact that this could have had on the communities where they live and how this continues to do so today.

download the lesson plan: as Word file  


Encourage the students to explore the timeline in the 'Newbury Martyrs' section of this site and the resources, including the external sites on 'The Themes Today'

Find your own issues of highly current and relevant topics from current news and media output to make the issues more relevant to the learners.

Further Development:

These are only a few ideas as to how to use the material available through the site.  If you develop your own ways and would like to share them please contact David Wylie on email tel: 07812 243421