Key Stage 3


There are six lesson plans for RE and Drama (covering: Responding to Conflict, Denominational Diversity, Ethics, Religious and Political positions in 1556, and Multi faith) and one for History (Mary Tudor).  These are only exemplars of some ways of dealing with the rich vein of material availble in the site and through its links.

HISTORY: Tudor England

Mary Tudor: Creating an Account/Journal from Timeline 

Explore the extent to which Mary Tudor might be Bloody Mary

Download Lesson Plan: as Word file                 

Teaching Resources: this website  – timeline for Martyrs -  Life of Mary Tudor – Life of Julins Palmer -
Martyrs' RE Trails  


Ethics: What would you be prepared to die for?  Martyrs today

Explore the impact Faith can have on our lives and on our communities.

Download Lesson Plan: as Word file         

Teaching Resources: this site for - stories of the martyrs
References to stories of martyrs today. Useful external sites in 'Themes Today' section.

Responding to Conflict

A double lesson delivering RE issues through Drama.  Explore the tension between crown and state, between     law makers and those wh must dispense justice, between the spirit and the letter of the law.

Dowload Responding to Conflict Lesson Plan

Resources: are on this site in the Teaching Resources section

Denominational Diversity: Winchcombe's vision/discussion

Explore the tension between expressing a faith and allowing freedom to others to express their own faith or secular beliefs.

Download Lesson Plan: as Word file             

Teaching Resources: this website for transcript of Winchcombe’s speech
Chart of differences Protestants/Catholics – Martyrs website
There are also additional elements in the Community Cohesion lesson plan in Key Stage 4

Exploring Religious and Political Positions in 1556

Explore what it means to be a martyr, transubstantiation, celibacy and the authority of the Pope

download the Positions Lesson Plan

Resources: Justification by Grace - How Bloody was Mary? - Clips and transcripts from 'Martyrs' -
Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Multi Faith: Faith Communities working together and in conflict

Explore how and why people of different faith traditions engage together in activities to help the wider
community and sometimes come into conflict

Download Multi Faith Lesson Plan

Teaching Resources: Chart  of Protestant/Catholic diversity from Martyrs website,
You tube, 4Thought.TV links from 'Themes Today'

Further Development:

These are only a few ideas as to how to use the material available through the site.  If you develop your own ways and would like to share them please contact David Wylie on email tel: 07812 243421