Secondary School Material

These materials have been developed to meet both the locally agreed RE Syllabus and elements of the National Curriculum for History and Drama at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

These are only exemplars of some ways of dealing with the rich vein of material availble in the site and through its links.

Key Stage 3

We recognise that this is where secondary teachers have the greatest syllabus freedom and have focussed the material at KS3.  Having said that, much of this material is easily adapted to upper KS2 and indeed to KS4.

We also recommend that introductory materials from the KS2 section could be used with learners as preparation to these materials at KS3.

At KS3 we have lesson plans and resources for History, RE and Drama/Performing Arts

Key Stage 4

At KS4 we present a stand alone lesson plan around the theme of Community Cohesion. 
This could be embeded in Short or Full Course GSCE RE, PSHE, or as a topic in History.

Key Stage 5

In the sixth form we have developed a stand alone lesson on 'Impact of the lives of martyrs on the community'.  This could also be used in , PSHE, Ethics, or English as an extension piece.

Should you already have material that addresses these issues, or should you go on to further develop our material, we would be happy to publish your material on the site.  email


We would be very pleased to hear how you got on with these resources so please do help us improve the site by contacting us or completing a feedback sheet (follow the link in the footer of this page)

These lesson plans have been produced by:

  • Sandra Wylie, Chair of West Berkshire SACRE and previously Head of RE at Mary Hare School
  • Christine West, Playwright and Drama teacher who wrote the community play
  • Brian Archer, Conductor and Music Arranger who wrote the original Martyrs score
  • Professor Elaine Bellchambers, Senior Lecturer in Religious Education and Professional studies and Programme Manager, Secondary Religious Education at King Alfred's in the University of Winchester