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Music and Drama:

All the music for the production was original and composed by Brian Archer especially for Martyrs.

Tapster: A Tavern Song from Martyrs

This music is used as a call to the audience to take their seats, drawing them from the Medieval Fayre to the Old Barn Theatre.   It is then used as a repeating theme through Act I

Download The Musical Score : Watch The video clip on Youtube

Act 1 Sc 1: The arrival of the Martyrs in Newbury

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Act 1 Sc 10: The Winchcombe family

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Confutatis/Dies Irae: The opening to Act II - The bringing together of the Anglican (Protestant) Chant and the Roman Catholic Mass as the trial begins:

Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis, voca me cum benedictus.
When the accused are banished, doomed to die in flames of woe, call me among the blessed.

Ora supplex et acclinis, cor contritum quasi cinis, gere curam mei finis
I kneel with submissive heart, my contrition is like ashes, help me in my final condition.

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Download The Musical Score for Confutatis: Download The Music Score for Dies Irae: 

Listen to these two pieces of  music 

Dies irae, dies ilia. Solvet saeclum in favilla
Day of wrath, day of anger. Will dissolve the world in ashes,

Teste David cum Sibylla. Quantus tremor est futurus,
as foretold by David and the Sibyl. Great trembling there will be

quando judex est venturus, cuncta stricte discussurus!
when the Judge descends from heaven to examine all things closely.

Transcript of Martyrs Act 2 Scene 1a and 1b 

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