Key Stage 2

Thematic Approach

The material for Key Stage 3 follows a thematic approach integrating elements of; drama, literature, history, RE and music over a series of five morning or afternoon sessions.

You may wish to introduce the topic with the lesson plan and Martyrs' RE Trail around Newbury.  The students could also look at the website and in the Newbury Martyrs section look at the Mary Tudor and Winchcombe's pages.

Lesson Plans and Resources

Lesson 1 - Explore Tudor Music uses web based resources to introduce the learners to Tudor music

Resources - BBC Schools Radio - Teaching resources on this site

Lesson 2 - Explore what was going on in Tudor Times

Resouces - BBC History including a street scene- Teaching resouces on this site

Lesson 3 - Hearing Tension in musical scores

Resouces - A selection of your students' favourite film scores with tension - Teaching resouces on this site

Lesson 4 - Acting out these historical and religious themes

Resources - Teaching resouces on this site

Lesson 5 - Create your own musical accompaniment

Resources - Teaching resources on this site


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These lesson plans have been produced by:

  • Sandra Wylie, Chair of West Berkshire SACRE and previously Head of RE at Mary Hare School
  • Christine West, Playwright and Drama teacher who wrote the community play
  • Brian Archer, Conductor and Music Arranger who wrote the original Martyrs score
  • Professor Elaine Bellchambers, Senior Lecturer in Religious Education and Professional studies and Programme Manager, Secondary Religious Education at King Alfred's in the University of Winchester