All About Martyrs Community Play

This was the first of four theatrical productions by Newbury Community Theatre Society (NCTS) in the 1980’s that involved thousands of local people.  The plays were:

  • Martyrs: A Community Play for Newbury (1984) – Martyrs in 1556
  • Speargrass (1986) – struggles in the time of Stephen and Matilda
  • The Flower and the Nettle (1988) – focussed on events in WWII
  • Ghostwalks (1990)

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Newbury Community Theatre Society

The society was formed in January 1983 specifically to explore if community theatre such as that being produced by Anne Jellico and her company in Bridport could bring different groups in the local community together.

The Bridport series of productions were instigated by Anne Jellico and her professional team, who went to Bridport and worked with the local people to develop the plays.

In Bridport the professional led the process.

NCTS set out to see if local people who were not theatrical professionals could lead the process and put on high quality productions by hiring the services of theatre professionals.

In Newbury the community led the process.