About Us:

This project is funded by the Diocese of Oxford on behalf of the West Berkshire SACRE (Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education).  We have based the project on the Newbury Martyrs who died for their beliefs in Newbury in 1556 and whose memory was celebrated by the first of the Newbury Community Theatre Society plays.  Martyrs: A Community Play for Newbury, was staged in 1984.

The issues explored; Freedom to worship, Challenges to Faith, and Justice, remain live and challenging today.

Our aim is to encourage local people to get involved in the site and to use it fully:

You will find materials:

  • relating to the West Berkshire Agreed RE Syllabus at all levels
  • supporting the teaching of Tudors in the Primary and Secondary National Curriculum for History
  • topics and prompts relating to elements of Drama and Music education

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This site is part of the month long Celebrate RE 

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or simply explore your own feelings in answer to the following:

What would you be willing to die for?

Has Winchcombe's vision come true?

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